Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Add a fitness class to your weight training program for faster results. We offer a variety of classes from Bootcamp to Zumba and everything in-between! Our classes are adaptable to suit all fitness levels and needs and all of our instructors are certified in their respective fields as well as in CPR.

Grab a towel, a bottle of water and come join us! We will take you on a journey to achieve better health and wellness!!

Group Fitness Programs

CardioStrengthBootcamp: One hour intense cardio resistance class.
CardioStrengthStep & Tone: Basic Step 101 combined with upper and lower body resistance toning.
StrengthAmazing Abs: A ½ hour class where toning and strengthening of the abdominal area while working and complementing the Lower Back.
StrengthPilates: Combines strengthening exercises with stretches to condition the core.
CardioStrengthTotal Tone: Upper and lower body resistance training.
CardioZumba: Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning dance fitness party.
CardioGentle Zumba: Gentle version of Zumba – great for beginners of all ages!
CardioSpin: Spin is an upbeat class and is designed to simulate all types of terrain.
StrengthFlexibiltyStress ReductionYoga: Yoga is a total mind, body and breath workout using strength, flexibility and relaxation.
FlexibiltyStress ReductionStretch: This 30 minute full body stretch will relax and rejuvenate you. Improve flexibility, assist in recover and decrease the risk of injury. Oh so relaxing…

Specialty Programs

FlexibiltyFoam Roll: Increase flexibility and recovery while improving injury prevention with the foam roller.
CardioStrengthOutdoor Bootcamp: Not your average bootcamp class! We’ve added the fun of tires, sleds and firehoses – OH MY!
CardioStrengthFlexibiltyStress ReductionMuay Thai: Is a physical and mental discipline known as the “Art of the eight limbs”. This is a stand up fighting style that utilizes fists, elbows, knees and shins for striking.


Stress ReductionStress Reduction

Programs Schedule

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