Deb Weerdenburg

Deb Weerdenburg


“To win, you must begin!”

Deb Weerdenburg brings over 20 years of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and love for fitness to Pro-Fit as aerobics co-ordinator and as a class instructor. Deb is a Can Fit Pro fitness and personal trainer specialist. She is also Zumba, Pilates and kickboxing certified.

In the early 70′s, Deb broke numerous provincial and national records as the Canadian champion for swimming. She was ranked in the top 20 swimmers in the world. In 1975, Deb held the flag for Canada at the opening ceremonies at the pool for the 1975 Pan American games, held in Mexico.

Debbie has travelled all over the world representing Canada.

Today, when Deb is not at the gym, you can find her tending to her large flower gardens and taking dips in her pool.  She has been married for 27 years and has 4 big boys.
Come join one of Debs classes, your body will reap the benefits!!!
To Win You Must Begin!

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