Jared Miller

Jared Miller

First Aid-CPR Level HCP
10 years of experience in resistance training, powerlifting and strongman training

Jared is a novice trainer with the background knowledge of an elite trainer. He has a wide array of experiences in sports having played hockey, football and baseball; he has been a gymnast and has 2 years of experience with American Boxing and Muay-Thai. His knowledge of strength training comes from 10 years of experience with resistance training through a variety of avenues including bodybuilding, Olympic style weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman training. Jared has gained valuable experience over the years, having been coached by one of the most successful strength and conditioning coaches in Southern Ontario as well as a world champion powerlifter.

Since 2012, Jared has taken his training into his own hands, showing remarkable discipline in the gym as he trains between 10-20 hours a week at either his home gym or at Pro-Fit Health Club. He continues to build on his knowledge base through researching evidence based sources and practical application of theory in the gym.

Jared’s achievements in the studies of anatomy, exercise physiology and biochemistry (at McMaster University) are impressive and they lend to his detailed understanding of human anatomy, proper lifting mechanics, nutrition and general health. He is currently in his second year of studies to become a Registered Nurse and is certified in First Aid-CPR Level HCP. The results of Jared’s knowledge become clear when considering he lifts heavy weights on a regular basis and is injury free (He attributes this to using proper technique when lifting, proper warm-ups, flexibility and balanced strength between parts of the body.)

Jared is excited to gain more experience training clients and sharing knowledge. Most of all, he looks forward to inspiring young athletes to achieve their goals for health and performance.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • First Aid-CPR Level HCP
  • 10 years of experience in resistance training, powerlifting and strongman training
  • Experienced Athlete trained in a variety of sports
  • Studied anatomy, exercise physiology and biochemistry at McMaster University
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