Sharon Brooker

Sharon Brooker

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Stereotypes, clichés, intimidation and excuses are just some of the things that stopped me from sticking to a fitness routine. Some people think it’s common sense and not a learning process…those people, I found, are the ones to avoid.
When I joined Profit in August of 2014, I had no expectations. My cousin asked me to join with her to help keep her motivated. I agreed because I had already started another diet (you name it, I’ve been on it) and had lost 20 pounds but had reached a plateau.

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I met with Marina and Henderson to discuss my membership and goals. By the time I left the gym that day, my expectations and slowly begun to shift.
I had always had this silly idea that people who lived a religious gym lifestyle weren’t people like ME…overweight, non-athletic and perhaps a bit clumsy. The idea of working with a personal trainer intimidated me because of stereotypes and things I’ve seen on TV….Then I had my fitness evaluation. Henderson made me feel comfortable and seemed to understand exactly what my needs were. He didn’t get in my face and yell at me, he didn’t make me feel bad if I felt I couldn’t do something. Instead he showed me alternate ways to achieve the same outcome. Some trainers with Henderson’s vast knowledge could easily overwhelm a newbie like myself but Henderson’s laid back style and take it one day at a time approach was exactly what I needed. “Results don’t happen overnight” he would say DAILY!!! How right he is! I began working out with Henderson 3 days a week and did cardio 3 days a week for 6 weeks — and I didn’t lose a pound. NOT ONE POUND! Yes, my inches were down… but BIG DEAL, right??? Wrong! During my 7th week we took my measurements and weighed in. It was then that my weight began to shift and the pounds started falling off — nine pounds one week, six the next. Amazingly, I was eating more and losing more.

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My motivation started with my cousin, then, it shifted to my Trainer. He believed in me when I didn’t — I couldn’t let him down. And now, my motivation is all ME. A girl like me can live a religious gym lifestyle. I have lost 55 pounds and continue to drop. When and if I reach my final goal, great! But until then I am having fun trying.
All of the staff at Profit have been so supportive especially Marina, Henderson and Anthony! They cheer me on, encourage me and answer any questions I have. Pro-Fit has truly become my home away from home — and going to the gym is my favorite part of the day.

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