You're one class away from a good mood

Be part of a community that moves and motivates together.  All classes are included in your membership and are the perfect way to stay inspired and challenged, all while having a good time.

Spin: 101 & 201

There's bikes and stuff - Sara

High energy classes with great music and a motivating instructor. All riding a varied mixture of flats, hills & sprints while burning calories all the way! Our studio features Matrix Tomahawk Spin Cycles which will have you spending 30 to 40 minutes on the bike for an amazing cardio workout.

Yoga Stretch bed - Sara

Take a load off, clear your mind and restore your body. These classes introduces you to deep relaxation, the usage of flexibility and strength, and the more subtle aspects of breathing and meditation. The Stretch class is recommended for beginners and the Power class is recommended for the experienced.


I'm pretty sure thats sweat...or tears...either way 5 more - Adrienne

Our Bootcamps are designed for MAXIMUM calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. We want to get you fit, get you healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body, and most importantly, curb Adrienne's insatiable need for human sacrifice.


20 seconds on, 10 seconds off? Someone must have stole my technique! - Sara's Husband

This is interval training like you have never done it before.  Lose fat while increasing your cardiovascular and athletic performance. Tabata is an exercise philosophy that advocates 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  This cycle is repeated 8 times for a grand total of four minutes…per exercise.


If you don't know a move, Shake it til' you make it! - Rochelle

Zumba is a "feel-happy" dance fitness workout that combines high energy Latin flavoured music with unique moves and combinations. Zumba is based on the principle that a workout should be "Fun and easy to do" so join the party!



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