Update on Operations

PRO-MODE, the next best supplement brand developed and brought to you by the familiar faces at Pro-Fit Health Club! We've worked very hard to start a line of supplements that we believe in. These products have been formulated and developed in consultation with our staff and industry professionals. So, what have we got for you? take a look...


These aren't your average aminos. Your body can produce most amino acids on its own; but Essential Amino Acids are a different story. These 9 Aminos must be incorporated into your diet to ensure that your body has the building blocks it needs for vital process.

This product is available in two flavours, tropical blast & blue raspberry.



Have you ever picked up a pre-workout supplement and been confused by the supplement facts? We've eliminated that confusion. We have a pre-workout that will get you energized with caffeine, and provide an insane pump due to the inclusion a few key ingredients.

This product is available in two flavours, fuzzy peaches & blue raspberry.



A staple in any supplement line and any supplement stack. This whey isolate provides maximum amount of protein with minimal total calories. Never again will you have to sacrifice taste for quality. whether you're going to be making delicious protein smoothies or mixing with just water, the taste is impeccable!

This product is available in two flavours, chocolate & vanilla. 



Stay tuned for a release date soon...

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