COVID - Policies & Updates

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COVID - Policies & Updates

We have been working around-the-clock to finalize a plan that covers all the bases and allows us to open our doors and keep everybody safe. We continue to closely monitor COVID-19 developments and update our procedures in any way necessary to ensure you can continue to work out at the facility safely.  

We have implemented new procedures and hold the utmost confidence that you will be as committed as we are to following them so that we can get back to the fun, while keeping our doors open. 

We consider you all family and therefore, our members health is our first priority. 

Please read the following carefully, as it contains everything you will need to know about our grand reopening!

Important! - Reopening Date TBD


At Pro Fit, our members’ safety is our #1. Here is a list of ways we have upped the game in our cleaning protocols. 

Hospital Grade Disinfecting & Round-the-Clock Cleaning

  • Our staff and members will have access to our Virudex-7 disinfectant spray, as well as our hydrogen base disinfectant solution, Pearl, both deemed hospital standard and proven to kill viruses and bacteria, throughout the entire facility to ensure a thorough cleaning of our equipment and high touch surface areas.
  • These disinfectants are precisely diluted to ensure optimal effectiveness by using our POD system located within our facility. 
  • Day time staff have access to our FogMaster machine filled with Formula 362 disinfectant, proven effective against coronavirus which will be sprayed on the gym floor regularly.
  • We have hired a professional cleaning company, certified in infectious disease control,  to deep clean and disinfect the facility nightly, with electrostatic sprayers that ensure the disinfectant clings to every nook and cranny of every surface/item.
  • Equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, handlebars, etc., are cleaned and disinfected by staff on an hourly basis. 
  • We have increased the number of spray bottles available on the gym floor to ensure each member can spray the equipment before and after each use.


Download Our App or Visit Our Website

  • If you have not already, the best and most simple way to book is through our MindBody app
    The app is a mobile friendly version of our booking software and allows you to view the different times/classes available and select which time you would like to book
  • If you prefer to be in front of the computer, our website has a fresh new look and is completely user friendly to utilize your account login 
  • Please make sure to have up-to-date contact information to ensure we can get a hold of you regarding matters involving operations. 
  • Make sure to have a method of payment on file as this is required for every membership type moving forward. (no exceptions)

Sign our New Liability Waiver 

  • All clients (new and returning) must sign our Covid-19 waiver prior to working out in the facility. 
  • You will receive an email and/or text (just make sure to subscribe to our notifications!) instructing you to fill out the form digitally upon booking your first workout/class. 
  • If you have not signed it before entering the facility, the front desk staff will require that you sign it on one of our iPads (which has been wiped down with a disinfecting wipe, of course!) 

Book Online or Call Ahead 

  • Use our app or visit our website to book online as we are not allowing walk-ins at this time.
  • Our online booking window will allow you to book 7 days in advance. 
  • If you need assistance, please reach out to one of our staff and we would be happy to help or visit our How To video series on our website to view the recording (the video would be labelled as “How to Book Your Workout”
  • If you are not comfortable with online booking, please call the front desk at 905-765-1210 to book your appointments.

Cancellation Policy / Late Cancels & No Shows 

  • In order to avoid a fee, you must cancel 12 hours before your booking using our app or through our website (no emails or voicemails please!)
  • If you must cancel after the 12 hours, you will be required to call and speak with a front desk staff member. 
  • The fee to late cancel is $15 and it will be charged directly to your method of payment on your account to promote a contactless transaction.
  • If you book a time and simply do not show up, with no reason provided, a $25 fee will be charged directly to your method of payment on file. 
  • If you cannot make it to class or your workout time because you are feeling unwell, you will be waived from any and all fees associated with bookings. 


Class Offerings

  • Although we hope to reintroduce our classes ASAP, we will only be granting access to the gym floor for the first few weeks of reopening. This is to ensure that staff and members become comfortable with the new protocols in place and then we plan on slowly reintegrating our additional services. 
  • Once we begin offering classes, we will start off with a reduced number of classes per day/week to ensure ample time for functional cleaning and disinfecting to take place by staff.
  • With social distancing procedures in effect, we will also need to reduce the number of people able to attend classes (marked boxes will clearly be mapped out to provide enough space for each member to get their sweat on!)
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and modify the number of classes/people when it is safe to do so.
  • Instructors and staff will have each station set up with the proper equipment before members enter the class room and will handle the disinfecting process once the class is over 
  • Please arrive no more than 5 mins before the class time and we kindly ask that you make your interactions respectively brief to ensure we can maintain the regulated number of people within the facility (that said we strongly encourage you to chat and socialize as much as you want on the facebook page!)


  • Similar to the classes, we will be working on phasing in our personal training appointments shortly upon reopening. 
  • Trainers will reach out with more details regarding the client check in protocol for appointments as well as the date we will begin to book appointments.
  • They will also check in and determine your comfort level on returning and advise on some of the options that may work best for you specifically. 
  • If you are not comfortable training on the gym floor, trainers are encouraged to bring their client to our Pro-Studio room or offer sessions online via Zoom.
  • Trainers will be required to wear masks while training their client. 


Arrive on Time, But Not Too Early 

  • Our booking times begin at 5:30am. Staff will be showing up to the facility 15 minutes before to open. Please DO NOT try to follow them in as they need time to set up to ensure all safety measures are in play.
  • Do not show up any earlier than 5 mins before your scheduled time. 
  • If you show up 10 mins late, you will be asked to rebook and will be charged the late fee. 
  • A floor attendant will be present at the front doors during each check in time to monitor the flow of traffic at the front and provide hand sanitizer upon entry.

Face Masks and Gloves

  • Although it is not required nor mandated to wear a mask in our facility, you are free to do so if that makes you more comfortable. 
  • Please note that the mask does make it harder to breathe, therefore public health guidelines recommend lower-intensity exercise. Please be mindful of your breathing and heart rate and take more frequent breaks in between sets.
  • Floor attendants will be wearing face shields and all additional staff will be wearing masks to ensure the safety of members 
  • Staff will also be required to report directly to the manager on site at the start of each shift for a temperature check (must be under 100.4 degrees F)  and a screening test.
  • If you wish to wear gloves, please bring a pair from home as we will not be providing them and we strongly encourage consistent hand washing and sanitizing even with the gloves on.

Towel Service and Foam Rollers

  • We will not be providing any rental services at this time including our towel service, foam rolling and hair drying. 

Contactless, Yet Still Friendly Interactions

  • Plexiglass has been installed at both the front desk and juice bar 
  • Check in will be 1 at a time, members will be required to stand on the red STOP signs on the floor to respect social distancing. 
  • If you have not completed a waiver, one of our front desk staff will provide an iPad for you to fill it out before entering the facility. 
  • If you do not have a method of payment on file, you will be directed to our client service specialist’s office so that your account can be updated. 
  • To make purchases we have implemented a tap option on our debit terminals, cash will be accepted but debit or credit is preferred. 
  • Since we ask that you bring minimal personal items with you, you do have the option to instruct us to charge your method of payment on file for additional purchases. 

Membership and Account Questions

  • We will be extending ALL memberships and intro offers to ensure clients are able to fully utilize their service.
  • If you are not comfortable in returning right away, you can request an extension on your membership suspension for no fee. Please email Jill at
  • We are also allowing members to transfer memberships free of charge if they do not feel comfortable coming back during this time and know of a family member or friend wanting to use the service. 
  • Membership sale inquiries can be directed to Kaitlyn at 
  • A virtual tour is in the works to be visible on our website (stay tuned!)
  • All membership sales will be done online from this point forward to reduce the number of people at the front desk and the paper signature requirements. 

Guest Access

  • At this time, we will not be selling day passes. The date for guest access is TBD


Lather up with the Hand Sanitizer 

  • We have installed additional hand sanitizer dispensers around the facility as well as added some stations on the gym floor. 
  • Please sanitize your hands regularly along with using the sanitizing spray for the equipment.
  • Hand sanitizer can be found at every high touch area. 
  • All staff, including trainers and instructors are required to engage in frequent hand washing and sanitizing. 
  • Front Desk staff have been provided with disinfectant wipes to wipe down their work station after every check in time. 

Working Out

  • Please be respectful of other members and ensure you are social distancing. We have spaced out the equipment to promote distance among members working out.
  • Only 1 member at a time on a piece of equipment, no spotters please. 
  • The green mats (located near the change rooms) is meant solely for stretching before or after a workout. The equipment has been removed as we enforce a balance between equipment available for the max number of people and the expectation of staff in ensuring it is regularly sanitized and disinfected.
  • Our upper level will not be accessible to members at this time. Our aerobics room will be closed unless a class is scheduled to take place.
  • Two floor attendants will be present on the gym floor at all times monitoring members and wiping down equipment. 
  • If they notice you are not complying with our new policies regarding activity on the gym floor, you will be given a warning and then will be asked to leave if you show resistance. 
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for disregarding the rules as it puts all other members as well as staff at risk and therefore your membership will be terminated and you will no longer be able to use the facility. 


  • Our Pro Shop will be open to members upon our reopening but please ensure there is only 1 person within the Pro Shop at a time. 
  • To complete your Pro Shop purchase, please approach the front desk and scan your item when prompted. 
  • Our juice bar will have its own reopening roughly 2 weeks after our opening date. 
  • The procedures and protocols for handling food will require its own specialized training of staff so to avoid overwhelming staff and members, we will offer our complete focus toward perfecting our gym access safety plan and slowly reintegrate the procedure for additional features once a comfort level has been reached. 
  • We understand delaying the reopening of kids club may instill inconvenience for some families but alongside food handling and safety, we must ensure our staff are re-trained on the specific protocols involved when working with kids. 
  • Please stay tuned for additional reopening dates in weeks to come. 


We must all work as a team to ensure the facility remains a safe place to be! 

  • 1. If you feel sick or have any symptoms (fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of taste, trouble breathing or a head cold), please stay home. If you exhibit symptoms in the studio, for the safety of the community, you will be respectfully asked to leave. 
  • 2. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, come into contact with someone who has, or traveled out of country in the last 14 days, we ask that you don’t come to the facility for 14 days. If you have been to Pro Fit and develop COVID or someone in your household tests positive for COVID, please contact Madison at 
  • 3. Accept personal responsibility and attend at your own risk. If you are in a high-risk category or take care of someone who is, we understand that returning to Pro Fit may not be the right decision at this time. By choosing to work out or attend a class within the facility, even with increased safety measures, you acknowledge and accept the additional risks associated with the global health pandemic. 

Quick Glimpse on How We Intend To Reopen the Facility 

First Phase

  • Members can pre book time slots to workout
  • No change rooms, access to the lobby bathroom only
  • Bring your own water bottle and indoor shoes only

Second Phase

  • Offer some classes per week with lower capacity 
  • Reopen Juice Bar
  • Personal training appointments can be scheduled
  • Access to the change rooms and washrooms but no sauna or showers 

Third Phase

  • Kids Club reopened
  • Access to the saunas and showers 
  • Allow guest access 


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