Update on Operations


  • If a yearly month-to-month contract is cancelled within the first year of the agreement there is a cancellation fee of up to $149.
  • Once agreed to and/or purchased, personal training sessions are generally non-refundable. Certain circumstances such as medical limitations WITH PROOF from a GP or family doctor can warrant a refund.
  • Cancellation of personal training sessions within 24-hours of the appointment is considered a LATE CANCEL. Clients will be deducted a session for a late cancel.
  • You CANNOT cancel a paid in full membership; though you can transfer it to another person.



  • Early cancellation month-to-month membership - up to $149
  • Enrolment fee (applicable to new members) - $99
  • Membership transfer fee - $25



  • Memberships are generally non-refundable
  • Personal training is generally non-refundable
  • Once an agreement is signed, the member/client inherently agrees to all past, current, and futures dues & fees

Treatment of Staff:

  • Our team works hard day-in and day-out to provide you with the best facility and services possible. In return we expect that a level of respect is shown for our staff. At no point should our staff be made to feel uncomfortable or in danger when assisting any clients.
  • Trainers must be respected and safe at all times in dealing with clients.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy in terms of mistreatment or harassment of staff.


A Final Note:

  • We pride ourselves on continuously working with our members and clients to provide fair and low-cost fitness opportunities and programs. The fees outlined above are put in place for the sake of continuity and ensuring rigid policies within our organization. This allows us to operate our facility in a way that maximizes member satisfaction on a regular basis.

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